Accelerating entrepreneurship
and innovation

Our Vision


Building an ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are complex adaptive systems made up of a variety of agents that interact formally and informally. The interactions among agents enhances self-organization that facilitates the creation of high-tech ventures. The selection of agents and their strategies influences the functioning, performance and evolution of the ecosystem.
Our vision is to be a key element of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to connect the major players, whether you are an individual with a business idea, or a startup looking for acceleration, or an investor seeking for a NewCo, or a large Company looking for a smart team to work with.
We are guided by a truly global mindset because what it's really needed may be not around the corner.

Our original framework: T·R·E·E·16©

We have designed a 16-elements framework to evaluate the business potential of a venture that is also used in our acceleration program

Four main steps

  1. Identify the business opportunity, analyze the context and set your Target

  2. Get the necessary competences, develop your value proposition and operate to Reach your goal

  3. Estimate the financial resources you need to make your business sustainable and profitable

  4. Execute your plan, assess the risks and monitor the results


Problem statement and solution
Market analysis
User and customer profiles
Value proposition


Team and competences
Research and development


Costs structure and revenue streams
Break even analysis
Funding and investments
Cash flow analysis


Business development plan
Business results monitor
Critical success factors
Risk assessment and management
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Project and Business Modelling (P·B·M©) tools

Project and Business Modelling tools

Simulate your venture decisions

Sometimes startups founders have extremely advanced technical skills but little knowledge from a financial point of view. In order to make it easier to manage a business and reach the expected goals, we have developed a powerfull tool which consider both the development project and the financial analysis over time.
Starting from some basic hypothesis on project development, the model is designed to simulate a business plan and return the key information to run a sustainable and profitable business (e.g. break even point, cash flow, costs structure, revenue stream, investment timing). Our model is designed to be extremely flexible and can be customized to suit every entrepreneur's specific needs.


Evaluating the business potential of a startup

Use a magnifying glass for your venture

We use the T·R·E·E·16© framework to evaluate the quality of a startup application. Our proprietary model considers over 150 elements in 16 sections. The evaluation process considers both the completeness and accuracy of the startup application and gives back a table with a score for every element of the model and a radar chart for a clear identification of the strenghts and weaknesses of the venture.
The T·R·E·E·16© report is the starting point for further in-depth analysis.

Who can ask for a startup evaluation

One model for different purposes according to your profile

evaluation for startups

evaluation for investors

evaluation for financial institutions
Financial institutions

evaluation for big companies
Large companies


Startup scouting and screening for investors

Startup scouting

Looking for high potential projects?

Thanks to our evaluation expertise, we can identify promising startups in different sectors.
Our scouting and screening activities are of interest both to angel investors and institutional investors as well.
Our data-driven selection process can apply to different stages of startups business lifecycle, from pre-founding to scaleup.


Accelerating startups according to their lifecycle stage

We are engaged in the creation of new startups with high potential.

Creativity Lab

Creativity Lab
Engage in developing truly innovative ideas

Feasibility Lab

Feasibility Lab
Explore what you need to make it happen


Find the way to your own venture

Decision making

Improve the quality of critical early-stage decisions


Use specific software for business planning and financial decisions

Early-stage investors

Find the seed capital

Scalable business

Get traction and expand your market


Look for partners and build networks

Scaleup investors

Get ready for due diligence

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Education and training

Education and training

Entrepreneurship can be learned

We provide tailor-made programs for entrepreneurs and anyone who aims to improve his/her entrepreneurial competencies.
Our program is an excellent guide for the development of an entrepreneurial project throughout all its stages. During our program partecipants will be followed by a team of mentors with vast experience in management, technology and business development. Partecipants will have the opportunity to create their own personal network for the exchange of knowledge and experience.


Our beliefs


People first


Respect for ideas and people passion


First generation entrepreneurs


Scientific and data driven approach


True partnership with people and companies


Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem


Create new jobs


Passion in everything we do

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