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Our mission is to accelerate technology-based startups.


Accelerating startups according to their lifecycle stage

Whether you are a team with an innovative business idea or a startup that wants to take off, we listen to your needs and evaluate a strategy to maximize your traction.
We select the best projects to create partnerships in a win-win logic.

Sometimes startups founders have extremely advanced technical skills but little knowledge from a financial point of view. In order to make it easier to manage a business and reach the expected goals, we have developed a powerfull tool which consider both the development project and the financial analysis over time. Starting from some basic hypothesis on project development, the model is designed to simulate a business plan and return the key information to run a sustainable and profitable business (e.g. break even point, cash flow, costs structure, revenue stream, investment timing).

Our model is designed to be extremely flexible and can be customized to suit every entrepreneur's specific needs.


| Feasibility study |
| Market analysis |
| Register the Company |


| Business plan |
| Access to public funds H2020 |
| Angel investors scouting |


| Joint Ventures and Partnerships |
| Venture capital scouting |
| Support for due diligence |

Every program last 4 months


AxeeLab: promoting the creation of new projects

Axeelent is running technology labs and experimental projects on emerging technologies in order to support the creation of new ventures. In particular we promote projects related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Recogniction and Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Understanding, Big Data Analytics, IoT Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Blockchain.

AxeeLab - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AxeeLab - Machine learning

Machine Learning

AxeeLab - Deep Learning

Deep Learning

AxeeLab - Image Recogniction and Computer Vision

Image Recogniction and Computer Vision

AxeeLab - Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

AxeeLab - Natural language understanding

Natural Language Understanding

AxeeLab - Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

AxeeLab - IoT Analytics

IoT Analytics

AxeeLab - Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

AxeeLab - Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

AxeeLab - Augmented reality

Augmented Reality

AxeeLab - Blockchain



Evaluating the business potential of a startup

We use the T·R·E·E·16© framework to evaluate the quality of a startup application. Our proprietary model considers over 150 elements in 16 sections. The evaluation process considers both the completeness and accuracy of the startup application and gives back a table with a score for every element of the model and a radar chart for a clear identification of the strenghts and weaknesses of the venture.
The T·R·E·E·16© report is the starting point for further in-depth analysis.

Who can ask for a startup evaluation

One model for different purposes according to your profile

evaluation for startups

evaluation for investors

evaluation for financial institutions
Financial institutions

evaluation for big companies
Large companies


Startup scouting and screening for investors

Startup scouting

Looking for high potential projects?

Thanks to our evaluation expertise, we can identify promising startups in different industries.
Our scouting and screening activities are of interest both to angel investors and institutional investors as well.
Our data-driven selection process can apply to different stages of startups business lifecycle, from pre-founding to scaleup.

We support the scouting activity of different kind of investors.

evaluation for investors

evaluation for financial institutions
Financial institutions

evaluation for big companies
Large companies


Market and technology intelligence for SMEs

Startup scouting

We carry out Market and Technology analysis for the benefit of Small and Medium Enterprises which want to launch a new business in an unexplored field or market.
Starting from the analysis of market trends and considering the Technology Readiness Level, we carry out a feasibility analysis and evaluate the business potential of the venture project. We carry out market analysis and identify the more profitable market segments. We evaluate existing solutions and benchmark competitors. We design product-oriented or business-model-driven innovation strategies.

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