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Welcome to Axeelent
  • We are a research-based company focused on Entrepreneurship and Data Science for business intelligence.
  • We apply cutting edge methodologies to create and accelerate technology-driven ventures.
  • We work closely with players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem: individuals with a business idea, established startups, small medium enterprises and equity investors. No matter what stage of the business life cycle you're in, we listen to your needs and evaluate a strategy to maximize your traction.
  • We are driven by a truly global mindset because what you may need may not be around the corner.
  • We work in partnership, carefully selecting the projects with which to collaborate.
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Our activities:


Helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn their business idea into new ventures.

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We like to work on highly innovative projects that can change the status quo. That's why we support the creation of new business initiatives, even from the pre-founding phase. If you have an idea that you think could have a major impact (economic and/or social), we will be glad to listen to you and evaluate its potential together. The information exchanged will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. We have extreme respect for the intellectual property of each project.

How we work

Partnership We're not a consulting firm:
we work in partnership

Method We follow a structured and disciplined methodology

World We work without geographic boundaries

Our activities:


Analyzing and redefining the business of your startup.

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Running a startup is an extremely complex task. We consider in detail every aspect of your business. For example, the user experience, the size of your target market, the product/service concept, the technologies used, the technical and economic feasibility of the project, the business model, the economic and financial profile of the company, the characteristics of the founding team and the business development strategies.

our original framework

Our methodological approach is formalised in the framework T·R·E·E·16©.
The model consider a number of variables within 16 different sections and is organized in 4 main areas:
Target, Reach, Estimate and Execute.
Thanks to its accuracy, the T·R·E·E·16© can be used across all our activities: to turn business ideas into new ventures, to support startups growth, to guide SMEs in their innovation processes and to assess startups for investments.


Problem statement and solution
Market analysis
User and customer profiles
Value proposition


Team and competences
Research and development


Costs structure and revenue streams
Break even analysis
Funding and investments
Cash flow analysis


Business development plan
Business results monitor
Critical success factors
Risk assessment and management
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Our activities:


Making Small Medium Enterprises innovate like startups.

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Sometimes SMEs want to enter new markets with new products or services. In these cases, the logic they have to follow is similar to that of a startup. However, these companies are not always prepared to apply such a strategic and organisational approach. In these cases, we start with an assessment of the business opportunity, based on the analysis of different technological and market scenarios.

“Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.” W. Edwards Deming

A data-driven approach to business

Data science 01
Data science 02
Data science 03

In order to get insights on the evolution of the entrepreneurial ecosystems, we use the best data sources and business intelligence tools. In this way we are able to support founders with a more scientific and disciplined approach to business development. We use large amounts of data to identify technological and market trends and to analyse different funding strategies of institutional investors (VCs, CVCs, etc).

Our activities:


Bringing together entrepreneurs and investors.

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Especially in the early stage of the business life cycle, the survival of a new startup is closely related to the timing and amount of external investments raised. In the area of fundraising, we carry out bilateral scouting operations, i.e. aimed at both startups looking for funding and investors seeking for startups. Starting from a deep knowledge of the evaluation criteria used by equity investors (angeles and VCs) in the evaluation phase, we help founders to enhance the strengths and solve the problems of their business project.

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