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We are focused on early stage investments.

Depending on both the characteristics of your venture and the size of the round you are looking for, we apply different fundraising strategies. Generally, we deal with pre-seed and seed funding rounds, proposing your project to both business angels and venture capital firms. In particular, we have established a new angel investors network, consisting mainly of successful entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of innovation.
We also help you to prepare your application for access to public funding programmes (e.g. EU Horizon 2020)

Get a score of your business proposal.

We use our framework T·R·E·E·16© to assess all aspects of your business. It can be used, for example, to evaluate the quality of your business proposal before applying to an investor.
The evaluation process considers both the completeness and accuracy of your proposal. The T·R·E·E·16© assessment report is the starting point for further in-depth analysis.

Are you ready to present your project to an investor?

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the criteria used by investors in the screening and evaluation process, we can help you prepare for the deal in the best possible way. Our activities cover all aspects that can increase the likelihood of raising the funds you need.

  • We identify the most suitable investors for your business
  • We simulate different investment scenarios
  • We refine both your business plan and your pitch-deck
  • We review your application to get public funds

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