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We help you in defining new product / service concepts.

The creation of a new product/service is not a linear process, but rather an iterative one, made up of continuous refinements. The initial intuition must translate into a value proposition able to solve a real market need and respond to the needs of the target customer in a clear and simple way. Starting from your initial idea, we support you in generating new product/service concepts and selecting the best one. All design choices are based both on market/technology data and on the analysis of the customer's purchasing behaviour and user experience.

We analyze the business potential of new markets and technologies

Starting from the analysis of market trends and considering different technology scenarios, we carry out a feasibility analysis and evaluate the business potential of your innovation project. We carry out in-depth market analysis to identify the most profitable market segments. We evaluate existing solutions and benchmark competitors. We design product-oriented or business-model-driven innovation strategies.

Partnership Concept refinement

World Technology analysis

Method Market analysis

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We apply data science to improve your business insights.

By cross-referencing business data with market and technology trends, we apply artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms both to identify patterns not immediately evident and to estimate future evolutions of your main performance indicators.

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