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From our experience, the key elements for a sound business project are:

  1. The ability to evaluate business opportunities from a technical and economic point of view
  2. A real understanding of the user/customer's needs and experience
  3. Team members complementarity: a combination of technical and business background
  4. Exploration of different technical solutions and alternative product concepts (keep your mind open)
  5. A complete analysis of the solutions already developed by competitors
  6. The ability to verify the existence and size of relevant target markets
  7. The implementation of an effective intellectual property protection strategy
  8. The ability to identify revenue streams and an appropriate business model
  9. A deep knowledge of the metodologies for estimating future sales and making break even point analysis
  10. A deep knowledge of methodologies for estimating financial needs

Accelerate your startup

We use our framework T·R·E·E·16© to improve the key elements of your business.

Identify the business opportunity, analyze the context and set your target

Get the necessary competences, develop your value proposition and operate to reach your goal

Estimate the financial resources you need to make your business sustainable and profitable

Execute your plan, assess the risks and monitor the results

Axeelent- Startup pivot
Redefine your business.

It often happens that a startup does not achieve the results expected at the start. The causes can be of different kinds: misunderstanding of the customer's needs, lack of transversal skills among the team members, implementation of a concept without a real competitive advantage., etc. In these cases we evaluate the work done by the company up to that moment, trying to enhance what has been done. Starting from what the company has already developed, we apply a lean approach to test new market proposals. If a complete change of direction is necessary, we work with the team to develop an effective pivot strategy.

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